Christian TV online streaming GEOSATpro HDVR3500 by SDAdish
GEOSATpro HDVR3500 by SDAdish

Evangelism Bulk Rate Receivers (10 Streaming Receivers)

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Purchase 10 complete receivers. Each receiver would run $130 a savings of $25 per receiver.  With shipping costs instead of paying $24 per receiver, you will only pay $36 for all of the receivers when we ship them in bulk form.

Here is a great "Evangelism" outreach option for your church or person involved in our satellite evangelism program.  The GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver can use the internet to stream all the Adventist channels (30 channels) right on the TV, no satellite installation required and it can be installed in minutes. An existing high-speed unlimited internet service is required to stream your FREE Christian Channels.  Making this outreach ideal for large cities and towns offering broadband or DSL internet. We produced step by step video instructions to help you with the installation of the GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receivers for both to TV and to a WIFI wireless network.  Just go to the support tab on our website.