About Us

At SDAdish we have tackled every facet of the industry from satellite communications that started with the C-band technology back in 1995 to today's smaller Ku-band satellite dishes that provide High definition transmission at rates of up to 22,000 bits. SDAdish has been involved with high and low power radio and television transmitters like Better Life Television Network in Grands Pass, OR one of 3ABN largest affiliate networks in the country reaching the I-5 corridor in Washington, Oregon and California. SDAdish also offers high-speed internet streaming technology that is unsurpassed even by Roku, and alike platforms.  SDAdish also provides over-the-air solutions for many cities throughout the USA.  SDAdish also specializes in providing state of the art FTA satellite equipment like LNBs, LNB brackets, satellite dish's, satellite dish mounting poles, satellite installation kits, pre-programmed state of the art satellite receivers for KU-band satellite systems like 3ABN, AmazingFacts, and The Hope Channel.

For year SDAdish has partnered with satellite to over the air LPTV and HPTV television stations all over the country to reach millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a burden to use telecommunications via over-the-air, free-to-air and the internet to reach people with the gospel right where they are, in front of their TV's. If we can provide Christ-centered programming to every home in America our country could go through a reformation in character and willingness to help the country and the world with love. The three angels message described in Revelation 20 is the last message for the world., Yes! Christ-centered television programing will bless the whole family with Jesus Christ message of salvation. Consider an SDAdish satellite/IPTV system for your family today!

SDAdish was started because we also saw a great need for reliable SDA satellite systems. In our travels installing commercial and residential satellite systems with the Hope Channel nationally, we repaired many systems that were installed incorrectly from the very beginning or just simply failed because of equipment failure. Don't forget that we offer reliable replacement parts with a 1 year warranty at no additional charge on all satellite dishes, LNB's & receivers. We also offer unsurpassed customer service six days a week. Our video library is available free to help with technical questions just click on our support tab to access our free video resources - all accessible via the internet on your phone, tablet or computer.