3ABN satellite dish by SDAdish
3abn LNB Bracket by SDAdish
3ABN LNB high gain, low noise by SDAdish
5TB GEOSATpro HDVR3500 external drive by SDAdish
64 GB GEOSATpro memory upgrade by SDAdish
SDAdish satellite finder for 3ABN

SDAdish 1 Room DVR Plus System (NOT SURE WHAT TO PICK? CALL 559 577 6949)

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For One Room (1 TV) Plus $55 shipping

Enjoy 3ABN programs & All the Adventist Channels
with an SDAdish Plus System.  Record all your favorite speakers with our DVR receiver and watch Christian TV ch

Our SDAdish Plus System has many more channels than a standard satellite system because it has the ability to access satellite channels as well as internet streaming channels (high-speed internet connection required to watch streaming channels but not required for satellite channels). It also has the ability to record programming directly onto its internal memory (Only records satellite channels, not internet channels).  The system comes with a 36" high gain satellite dish, universal mounting pole, 60 db HD high gain LNBF, GEOSATpro HDVR 3500 digital satellite receiver, and installation kit. Two-channel package options to choose from.

GEOSATpro HDVR 3500 receiver features:

Closed Captioning, MPEG4 HD, HDMI and Audio/Video output, pre-programmed with selected channel package, pause and resume live programming, TV and Radio channels, compact and low energy consumption. The GEOSATpro HDVR 3500 will come stock with 16 GB of internal memory or 64 GB internal memory depending on the option you choose.

Installation Kit includes:

Cables, hardware, grounding, compass, silicone sealant.

DVR capability:

Please choose a memory option above.   As a general rule, 1 GB equals about one hour of recording time.