GEOSATpro SL1PLL KU-band LNBF by SDAdish
LNB mounting bracket by SDAdish

Single Output GEOSATpro LNBFs SL1PLL by SDAdish (Plus Shipping) (NOT SURE WHAT TO PICK? CALL 559 577 6949)

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We recommend replacing your GEOSATpro LNBFs SL1PLL about every 5 years. Our single output LNBF's offers high stability, high gain, yet low noise. It allows reception of Ku-band signals with the highest possible signal level and quality. Fits any standard Ku-band satellite dish with a 40mm universal LNBF mount. Use this with your Free To Air (3ABN, SDAdish or Adventist channels satellite system) receiver for excellent and superior Ku-band reception. This LNBF will outperform most 0.3dB LNBFs on the market!  I recommend always having a spare on just in case electrical storms damage you working LNBF, we can ship up to 4 LNBs for the same shipping cost.