What is the best way to watch 3ABN

3ABN is best enjoyed by satellite, SDAdish satellite systems can streaming video from satellite signals at a much faster rate than the internet.  However, the
GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver can stream Christian TV channels from the  internet right on your television. There are many devices like Roku, iTV, etc. But only the GEOSATpro HDVR3500 from SDAdish has the best streaming processor on the market for 3ABN or any Christian TV networks streaming online today. Using the SDAdish GEOSATpro HDVR3500 to view your internet channels is like having your very own connection with 3ABN TV channels. Watch 3ABN live using your existing internet connection from just about anywhere in the world with the SDAdish GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver. If you don’t want to travel with the GEOSATpro HDVR3500 by SDAdish you can record programs from satellite while you are away, never miss your favorite speakers or programs again.  In fact, the receivers come with 16GB of internal memory and can be upgraded to 64 GB. If you want to have more recording space you can utilize the 2.0 USB port to plug in a 2TB hard drive to record up to 2,000 hours. I will provide instructions on how to install the SDAdish satellite system on this blog to help you with the installation.

FTA installation guide for 3ABN

The FTA antenna installation is not very complicated, however, it does require a precise and meticulous procedure.  Therefore paying close attention to small details will be helpful. To aim the satellite dish for 3ABN and our service you will need to aim the dish to Galaxy 19 – 97 West, by the way because G-19 does not transmit as much power as DirecTV™ or Dish Network™ it requires that every part of the satellite is just right to perform its best in order to achieve the highest quality levels. First of all, let me explain that strength is not as important as the quality level. We have to achieve the highest quality level possible, and in this case, it should be as close to 82% quality.  To locate Galaxy 19 - 97W you will need coordinates to properly point the satellite dish in the right direction, elevation and LNBF Skew (How the LNBF is rotated) SDAdish will provide you with your coordinates when your purchase a satellite system. If you need to realign your existing satellite dish looking up one of the satellite locator websites, they will help you. 

What can impair satellite TV signal:

Look for the following obstacles that can impair your satellite signal, trees in the way of the satellite signal, buildings that block the signal from Galaxy 19, warped satellite dish, poor F connector connection, bad RG-6 connections, improperly installed mast pole, improperly installed satellite dish mount bracket, improperly installed LNBF. I will discuss each one of the problems in detail in another article. 

Who can I hire to install a TV satellite antenna. 

SDAdish has been producing helpful videos online to help homeowners install their own satellite systems for years.  But if the DIY is not your cup of tea, then I would start with your home church, in many cases, we have trained literally hundreds of persons to install the FTA satellite systems in North America. And it may be the case that there is a person already dedicated to a satellite evangelism ministry in the church, ask your pastor or head elder to find out if such a person is available.  If that is not an option then a relative or neighbor that is handy with tools and can access out FTA installation videos can help you out. Thousands have watch out videos online and have been successful with their 3ABN satellite installation. The last option is to hire a professional FTA satellite installer. The site called FTAinstall online is a fair resource at this time. Be aware that if you hire a dish network installer or DirecTV installer that they are NOT really up to speed with FTA satellite systems, at least the majority are not. 

Where Is The 3ABN Satellite Located?

The satellite will always point towards the South, Southeast or Southwest depending on your location. The satellite is located south of Texas and Mexico directly over the equator. That means if you live in Washington D.C, you must have a clear line of sight to the Southwest sky; if you live in Los Angeles, you must have a clear line of sight to the Southeast sky. And if you live in Huston, Texas the satellite will be towards the South.

Compass Azimuth Reading: You have been provided with an information sheet that provides you with Azimuth location (Magnetic), elevation and LNB skew settings, please apply the information to help you ensure a successful alignment. It is highly recommended that you acquire a carpenter's level for your elevation settings.

SDAdish Azimuth alignment

Attach a string to your mast pole and set your azimuth direction as shown.

Satellite Dish Mounting Options

FTA installation options

We highly recommend ground mounting the dish on a 1 5/8” heavy wall galvanized post set in cement. Attach a bolt or muffler clamp to the bottom of the post to prevent the post from twisting in the hardened cement. These items are readily available at any hardware store. Filling the post with a wet cement mixture will provide greater rigidity. The post must be perfectly plumb, (Carpenters level 360 deg can be highly useful here) level on all four sides of the pole or at least on each quarter of the pole. Posts standing higher than 7 feet should be stabilized to prevent movement during high winds and snow. The post should be installed in advance of the install as the cement can take several hours to cure.

Satellite Dish Ground Mounted Pole

The satellite system includes a heavy-duty universal wall/roof pole mount. This mount can be attached at almost any angle and provides a stable secure mount even in high wind regions if properly attached. If this universal post mount is used, the included tripod legs MUST be installed. The universal post will fail under moderate wind load if the tripod legs have not been installed to support the larger wind load area of a 32“ - 36” dish. The dish and mount are designed to remain operational in winds up to 80+ mph and survive wind gusts over 110+ mph. A 360-degree carpenters level with a magnetic base is highly recommended.

Completing The Satellite Dish Installation:

Carefully route the coax cable from the satellite dish applying a 4” drip loop from the
LNBF down the LNBF pipe to the back of the dish.  Secure all cables using appropriate cable clips and nylon zip ties. Avoid using wire staples when you secure the coax cable on walls and eve’s as they can dimple or penetrate the coax cable. Using wire staples can cause loss of signal or short out the coax cable!! A short on the coax cable can damage your satellite receiver. Form drip loops and cable loops as needed to prevent water from running down the cables and entering cable connection fittings or into wall penetrations.

Then continue to the grounding location where you will install your ground block. After installing your ground block, continue to run coax cable to the location where your satellite receiver will be located. Remember to seal all exterior walls and/or roof holes with a quality sealant or silicone caulking. Install the grounding block and wire while observing all NEC, National Electrical Code, and local codes.

Connect the ground wire to the structure ground. If you are unsure of how to

properly ground your satellite system, please consult with a local professional. Copies of the NEC are available at your local library or online.

Important Notice: SDAdish recommends that you DO NOT use the existing coaxial cabling that has been pre-wired by DirecTV or Dish Network or previously used for cable TV until you have inspected the coax cable for proper grounding. Make sure you remove all splitters that do not match the frequency necessary for satellite applications and remove all conventional CATV splitters inline. Make sure that RG-6 coax cable has been used in its proper application, and do not miss-match cables (RG-6 and RG-59). Make sure that the RG-6 coax cable is directly connected from the satellite dish “LNBF” directly to the grounding block.

Make sure that you have a home run from the ground block to the rear of the satellite receiver LNB input connector. Cable splitters or any other devices in the coax line may cause the satellite receiver to shut down or malfunction (this may void your warranty). Do not use any device in the coax line unless approved for satellite installation. Multiple receiver installations should always use a multiple output LNBF to avoid programming conflicts between the receivers.

How to assemble your satellite dish

We have provided a complete diagram of every part for the SDAdish satellite system and I would also recommend that you watch our video that will walk you step by step assembling instructions.  

You can follow along with the video (Pause and play as you need) and have all your parts laid out for easy reach and installation. 

Aligning your SDAdish

Once you have concluded with assembling your satellite dish and coax cable installation to get your satellite dish aligned. Yes we do have a video available for the latest system from SDAdish.  

Okay, I highly recommend that you take the satellite receiver out to where the satellite dish is located just like the video shows.  If you're installing the dish on the eve of the roof you might have to place your receiver on a table near you so that you can see what is going on.  If you want to start a big fight, try having someone tell you what the quality level is from the doorway or a window. Friend don’t do it, save yourself the grief. Okay, you will need a jumper from the receiver and the LNB in order to proceed.  By the way, you will need a TV with HDMI or A/V connections. A small TV would be nice. ** The next step is to turn on the GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver and make sure that the ID logo channel is changed to 3ABN or channel 106. Then you will need to locate the signal button on the remote control of your GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver and press it ONE time.  You will get a graphic with two-meter bars. One for Strength and one for quality, the quality will be the focus. Preset your elevation level using the protractor as provided with your coordinates SDAdish installation information. When moving your satellite dish make slow and small fractional movement while you are trying to align the dish if you go fast while fine-tuning, you will miss the satellite altogether. Watch our video several times, really. I have spoken to hundreds of people that tell me they have watched the videos and didn’t know the first step in setting up the receiver to signal finding mode.

NOTE: If after 20 minutes you do not achieve 80%+ quality, it is possible that your receiver will go to standby mode because it has not locked into Galaxy 19.  Switch off your receiver from the switch on the back and wait 10 seconds before you restart the GEOSATpro HDVR3500. Then start at the top **

Buy Your SDAdish Satellite System Now!

You can completely avoid having cables extension cords all over the place or moving your television and receiver out to where the antenna is located by using a meter for the alignment.  One such meter is the First Strike FS-1 Pro satellite finder that is made available from our website. More affordable options will me made available soon that will be pre-programmed by us and ready to align your dish or help a friend re-align their 3ABN dish. Start your own ministry installing and helping church members. Keep checking our catalog for our new meter coming soon!

For SDAdish customer support please call our technical department. Five Five 9 Nine zero 8 9 Zero three 7