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Free To Air (FTA) residential satellite receivers are not very well known.  In fact, I conducted my own survey about FTA satellite with friends and family and not one person in 50 knew what that was all about. That’s right, the question was this. Hello___, do you know what FTA satellite is? The answer is always NO.   Ok, did you know that you can receive thousands of channels including Christian TV channels for FREE? Answer: NO When you mention thousands of channels they begin to ask me questions on how is this even possible. My explanation is simple, this is how it works. When a television network goes on FTA satellite they are paying for the air time on the satellite.  Some are sponsored, or they sell advertising just like your local television networks in your city. FTA networks will transmit to a geographical area that they want to cover in the hopes of two things. Better revenue from their advertising or for donations from their viewership. 


So, why isn’t the FTA method of TV entertainment popular?  That is a very good question and I'll tell you why. Back when I worked for the cable television industry as a regional manager for a large corporation, we received most of the channels from satellite for free until the networks scrambled the signal.  Examples of these channels where, The Disney Channel, ESPN, The movie channel, HBO, on and on. They became so popular via cable that people began to purchase satellite systems (C-band dishes) to get those networks for free. Then, of course, the Disney’s and ESPN’s didn’t want to lose revenue from the cable companies and started their campaign to scramble the FREE To Air transmissions.  Yes, it was FTA. 

A new satellite industry was born.  When the Disney’s and the ESPN’s scrambled their signals a new industry was created from the FTA satellite technology. Homeowners that purchased their own satellite equipment found themselves losing all their favorite channels to scrambling and wanted to subscribe to the channels from the provider/network. It was cheap at first, you could subscribe for a couple of bucks per month per channel. However, soon the channels package was born and tears that forced many to upgrade tears to get the channels that where desirable. Just like the cable companies had been doing for years. It did create a problem for the cable companies because now the cable companies had to pay for the channels that scrambled and the profit margins went down. Remember the $9 per month for 21 channel and maybe even the HBO included with that.  Probably not, because today I know many of our customers that have switched from their cable company to one of our SDAdish or ChristianDish.com FTA satellite systems that were paying upwards of $100 just to get 3ABN, or any of the popular Christian TV channels today.  

Current dish network satellite subscription rates today You see all kinds of hooks online or postcards promising $9.99 per month for three months and then the bill jumps to $59.99 per months for the local channels (that you can get for free from an HDTV antenna) and a few premium satellite channels that have fair content. Some even promise HBO or The Movie Channel for the hooking period.  If you decide to choose HBO well that will be another $19.99 per month. Of course, the 190 channels from the Americas top 120 can get you a DVR and your price is guaranteed for 2 years for only $59.99, but wait after the 2 years go by heng on for the price jump. 

How to get free satellite TV.  As I mentioned before on this blog post that Free To Air is not very well known. What is not know is what satellite channels can I get? The answer is that every satellite has its own channels listed publicly on the web. The most popular satellite in the geosynchronous orbit is Galaxy 19 - 97W It alone has about 350 channels available.  There won't be CNN, FOX, MTV, ESPN, HBO and the high priced premium channels that you will see on cable or paid satellite services. However, there will be plenty to broadcasts that you can get for free legally. 

FTA satellite scams Don’t fall for the scammers trying to sell you a premium channels like th subscription companies offer.  Or all the premium channels on your PC for a one time fee of $49.99, please hear me out. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.  You won't believe how many people I have known that paid the $50 bucks just to have their computers hacked and then had to pay them $200 to fix it.  

How to get free satellite TV  Thousands watch my videos on Youtube and learn about FTA every day and I get calls about one particular question.  How do I go about getting one of those systems in my home? Or in my shop to listen to programs while I work. My answer is always the same, not because I sell them, but because I know what it takes to match a complete system and then programming the receiver to watch satellite TV.  You can buy all kinds of stuff online and they work for a while. And most of the time and the majority of my Idealsatellite Youtube channels is from people looking for FREE help. LOL. Actually I prefer this method because I use to get hundreds of calls per week from people wanting a freebie from our company. Even though they purchase their FTA satellite system from eBay or somewhere else that does not offer customer support.  As they say in Hawaii when you can no longer see me, no more guarantee sellers. I, of course, recommend my systems because they come completely matched technology, installation kit, and preprogrammed receiver. The hassle-free receiver is very essential here. I spoke with a guy that had spent days looking for frequencies, transponders to program, symbol rates, polarities, well you get the idea. Some receivers require a starting frequency set up before you begin the alignment process.  Plus when any system is purchased from us you get links to the correct videos that will help you align your satellite dish. Everything from assembling your dish to running your coax cable and properly grounding the coax/satellite dish to the alignment procedure. We provide you with the coordinates, the coordinates help you set up the satellite dish in the correct elevation, direction, and the LNBF skew.  

FTA satellite systems for beginners Would I recommend FTA for a beginner, of course, they are a lot of fun and very educational.  Who knows you might even become a pro at it and let me tell you they are in demand now a day.  To be hired as an FTA installer is fun and it pays well, most FTA installers make an average of $175 per install and travel time if it applies.  I have personally trained and certified many FTA installers from all over the country. Many love the challenge and the opportunity to help in their churches.  Many do get involved because of the Christian channels for witnessing and outreach. But not in every case. In fact, many of my customers that are do it your-selfers have transition to installations for extra income on the weekend for extra activities or just for the fun. 

How to install an FTA satellite system As I mentioned on this blog I have produced many videos that are very helpful, and you can very easily transform your installation into a hands-on training.  But if you rather read an article about how to install your FTA satellite system I would recommend reading my post on this very topic. I will provide you the link where you can read all about and expand on your knowledge. Just click on this link for the information.

Free to air satellite equipment needed Let's start with the tools you will need, in most cases a 7/16 wrench, Phillips screwdriver, drill, and bits.  The satellite equipment that you need is the following. You will need an FTA satellite receiver that can decode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 for future upgrades in technology. It is best if you get a pre-programmed receiver to avoid stress with the programming. In North America, I recommend a 36” KU satellite dish with a good universal mount, an LNBF that can lock into the satellite and keep good quality levels, good high-grade RG-6 coax cable, ground block, ground wire, and a good warranty.  That warranty is vital, my friends. The 30-day warranty is gone before you get a chance to install the satellite dish. Sure you can pay for an extended 2-year warranty and you will not be dealing with the selling company you will deal with the insurance provider. I have so many people tell me I wished I knew about you guys before I purchase my system.  

How do I get the SDAdish FTA system  Let me share first of all that the SDAdish FTA satellite systems come complete with everything you will need for a successful installation and the guarantee to back it. A full one year warranty free of charge. A matched system and IPTV capability for thousands of channels using your existing high-speed unlimited internet. 
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