November 2019 Newsletter

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November 2019

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We pray that all is well with you and yours. This year has gone by fast and before you know it 2020 will be upon us. It’s that much closer to Jesus’ second coming, a return that we all long for.  We need to keep our focus on Christ and our work before us. We have our faithful satellite evangelists that continue to share the SDAdish systems with their families and friends. One faithful grandmother is like clock work.  About every six months she will purchase a system and give it to a son, daughter or grandchild. She used to have the Dish Network service and she was paying a high monthly fee just to get one Adventist channel. That is until she discovered that the SDAdish system did not have monthly fees.  A light went off! She canceled her Dish Network and started saving her extra cash to order and install her own SDAdish satellite system. (It took her about 5 month to save up) Now some of her relatives have high speed internet (3.5MBPS minimum required) and do not need the satellite dish or the installation for the satellite.  Our SDAdish satellite receiver can stream the channels from your existing unlimited high speed internet service to your TV. With the IPTV or internet streaming capability you are able to receive 30 Adventist channels. Yes, the receiver alone is more affordable than having to purchase the entire satellite system and having the satellite system installed. We have others across the country that witness 24/7 using this satellite evangelism method.  Of course we have churches that practice the same concept for new members or shut-ins and even Bible students. We have bulk pricing available and we will discuss that later in the newsletter. 

New Website

On October 30th our website needed an update to its secure certificate on our shopping cart.  Things didn't go well. SalesVu, our old shopping cart and credit card processor made changes without informing us and in a rush we had to make many changes for our website to stay operational. We applied the changes that caused the server and website to slow down so much that it took a good 40 seconds to load.  (To give you an idea people jump out at 3 seconds) and when they selected a product the shopping cart took up to 2 minutes to load. After spending 2 full days changing and working with both the server provider and salesVu I gave up Friday afternoon to get ready for Sabbath. I prayed and posted a big sign right in front of the website with our phone number to call.  Sunday morning when I posted my devotional to the Satellite Evangelism facebook page, an ad for Shopify came up. I can't tell you how many friends I have helped with their Shopify website, optimizing and remodeling. I had been praying about a solution and the Lord made it obvious and while I was doing my part in FB evangelism. God is good all the time. I hope you didn’t have any problems during Oct 30th and November 1st.  If you did, we apologize for the inconvenience. If you haven’t checked out our website, please do and share it with all your friends, and social media please. You will do us a big favor and help support our ministry. 

Bulk pricing

To make your life easier especially for those that purchase the satellite systems in bulk, (10 at a time) we have provided a discounted bulk price option on our new website.  Yes you can order 1, 2,8 or 10 systems if you wish, however the bulk option will provide you with system discounts and bulk shipping discounts. Not so with the add on option if you just select more units.  When you purchase 10 systems we receive a discount that we pass on to our customers. However, if you need more than 10 systems you will have to give us a call (559-577-6949) to determine what savings we can pass on to you.  In the near future we will also make bulk pricing available for the GEOSATpro HDVR3500 (3ABN receiver) on our website. Buy Now!

Tariff fees

3 months ago we got hit with a large tariff fees increase across the board.  When all the restocking products arrived from overseas the customs department attached the tariff charges on all our items.  You will notice price increases on every item. Sorry to say, after over 8 years of no price increases from us this tariff increase will just have to be passed on without any additional fees from us. 


Thanksgiving is nearly here and we have much to be thankful for this year at SDAdish and Satellite Evangelism ministries.  We are a self-supported ministry and all our support is generated via our sales and although sales have been very slow this year the Lord has provided all our needs and added other income avenues.  One has been the “Laptop Ministry” Many of you don't know, but I’m a certified Dell computer technician. The Lord made it possible for us to receive a batch of USDA corporate laptop computers and servers for His work.  The laptops have been a blessing for many evangelists and Bible workers from all over the globe. We shipped and transported several to the USA and overseas that will be used for presentations and giving Bible studies. As of now we only have 4 laptops left, fully restored and upgraded to Windows 10PRO.  Go to our website to learn more about them.

Elitebook 8470p

Christmas Season

Last year we had a rush of SDAdish satellite systems orders before Christmas, all expecting to have deliveries before Christmas day.  Please don’t wait! The sooner the better! Many orders could in no way arrive on time, so plan on having your orders in 3 weeks in advance or earlier if possible.  Remember shipping is usually delayed during the holidays. Weather or overload could hold up your SDAdish satellite system or receiver from arriving on time.
Plan ahead… 

Useful information

In order to provide better customer support we have produced 10 new videos on our YouTube channel.  They range from how to solve audio problems, connecting your new GEOSATpro HDVR3500 digital satellite receiver to your TV set and installing your satellite dish.  There are many easy to follow videos that can help you achieve a successful repair or troubleshooting problems yourself. Visit our website at: 

Available pay channels

Coming this Christmas 2019 our GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver will have premium channels available.  The channel package will offer 80-100 channels with prepay discounts on our Beta customers platform. Yes, it will include many of the channels that you have been asking for.  You will require high speed internet to stream HD TV channels to your TV.
More information will be made available on our website at: Look for updates on our banner..