Blessings for 2020

Here at SDAdish, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! We cannot believe how fast 2019 went by and the amazing amount of blessed families that acquired their SDAdish satellite or IPTV system for viewing 3ABN, Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries, and QVTV. (Others included)

As the very near return of our Lord Jesus is so close at hand I want to encourage all our customers to draw closer to our Lord, with more study of the word, more outreach by sharing the gospel and Christ Jesus love for every son and daughter created by Him. 


SDAdish office will be closed December 31st, 2019 and January 1st, 2020, however, our website will be up and fully operational to help you with any technical needs  for "Tech Support" If you need to purchase any items like LNB, receiver or a complete system please visit our website by clicking this LINK



We love to suggest that you join our "Satellite Evangelism" efforts for 2020. The goal is that every customer refers or sponsors 5 new family members, friends or neighbors and that every church gets involved with the satellite evangelism efforts by providing a complete SDAdish system for every newly baptized member, install an SDAdish system in a shut-in member home. Many churches have joined our outreach efforts by purchasing 10 systems or IPTV receivers at a time. (IPTVdo not require a satellite signal only requires your existing unlimited high-speed internet service and they install in minutes. We have produced a tutorial video to assist new church evangelism members in the installation procedure. to find the videos that will help you.


The Lord provides

We are a self-supported ministry and never solicited tax-deductible funds to help our ministry. However, we have received some donations from friends that have improved our outreach in many cases and we thank does that have truly sacrificed to help us out. We never turn down prayers, we solicit your prayers for 2020 as we work together for a bright and soul-winning year. 


New product highlights

From time to time here at SDAdish we get an outstanding product that we test here at our office that just needs to be shared and a little attention. We are calling it our 3ABN satellite finder. What is so special about this little high power satellite finder?  

Three things: 

  1. This satellite finder only costs $125 delivered
  2. Features that only the high-cost meters offer
  3. We pre-program the satellite finder for Galaxy 19 and 3ABN that includes the frequency, polarity, symbol rate so that you don't have to try to figure it out. 

Let me give you a small description of what this affordable satellite finder can do. First of all, it is very fast at locking into the signal, which means if you hit any level of quality the meter will detect it, unlike the receivers which you have to take great caution to not move the dish to fast because they do not detect the quality as fast as the satellite finder. No TV needed outside or someone yelling out details from inside the house, extension cords all over the place getting in the way why you install the satellite dish. Why, because the meter powers the LNB and the meter will display the programming being broadcasted live. 

I have always recommended that any installer from our churches use a satellite finder to help out their ministry and to make the job easier in the long run. Many churches have purchased the meters in the past (Higher priced ones) to help their satellite evangelism ministry installers with the installations. Check out the new satellite finders at:


Need a laptop?

In a previous newsletter, we mentioned the "Laptop Ministry" laptops. 

The Lord made it possible for us to receive a batch of USDA corporate laptop computers and servers for His work. The laptops have been a blessing for many evangelists and Bible workers from all over the globe. We shipped and transported several to the USA and overseas that will be used for presentations and giving Bible studies. Right now we only have 4 laptops left, fully restored and upgraded to Windows 10PRO. Check them out on our website.


Available pay channels

Coming in 2020 our GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver and/or our premium streaming box will have premium channels available. The channel package will offer up to 200 channels with prepay discounts on our Beta customer's platform. Yes, it will include many of the channels that you have been asking for. The list of channels will be made available on our website as soon as the channels have been finalized. You will require high-speed internet to stream HD TV channels to your TV.

More information will be made available on our website at Look for updates on our banner.SDAdish U5 PVR slim Android Box

Health Products & Safety Products

To help our ministry expand into different income streams we have implemented the health evangelism products on our website at  Here you will find our favorite appliance the Almond Cow.  We make all sorts of milk varieties from plant-based nuts and seeds. Soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and many more. Check it out and you can save $15 by using MAX as your coupon code. 

Here we will also recommend products like the Mega sporebiotics from our friends at mountain river health.